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We’ve worked with A LOT of parents and caregivers who were pulling their hair out over their child’s eating habits. Over time, a theme emerged - many parents didn’t know their children weren’t the only ones refusing to eat, eating too little, prefering snacks over meals, or dealing with a special diet. And most of them were unaware that many of these problems were NORMAL. It became evident that parents needed an easily accessible place to find help for all of the common mealtime and food-related challenges they experience with their kids.

Raising Healthy Eaters aims to be that place and serve as a comprehensive but practical resource for you, so you have everything needed to confidently nourish a healthy, happy eater.

How we approach &
solve problems:

Family Centered

We offer solutions that work for the whole family.


We provide structured guides for resolving nutrition-related problems.

Evidence Based

Nutrition research and best practice guide everything we do.


We consider other factors that may impact your child's nutrition.


We’re here to cheer you on and have confidence that things will get better.


We listen - the more we know, the more we can help.
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Meet our founder

Brigit O'Donnell,

Born with a passion to be of service to others, I set out on a mission to help people improve their health and life quality through nutrition. Afterall, everything our bodies do depends on what we eat! 

I became a Registered Dietitian and began my career in a hospital setting. But I wasn’t fulfilled because patients had to be seen quickly, which limited my ability to really help them. So I transitioned into private practice and consulting to maximize the time I could spend guiding each patient toward their health goals. 

With each new patient came an understanding that good nutrition habits have the greatest impact on health when started in childhood. I began working with a public school system where I developed and coordinated nutrition education activities for students in 32 elementary and middle schools. At that time I also provided in-home early intervention services for families whose children were at risk for nutrition-related problems. 

My eyes were opened to a whole world of feeding and nutrition challenges that parents face every day. I realized helping parents, caregivers, and children overcome these challenges is my passion. My dream is to help as many parents as possible acheive enjoyable mealtimes and guide their children to a balanced relationship with food that supports their long-term health.
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proven methods

Our work speaks for itself.


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A founder, coach and friend you can trust.

B.S. Biology,
New Mexico State University

B.S. Human Nutrition & Food Science, New Mexico State University

M.S. Nutrition & Health Promotion, Simmons University

Dietetic Internship,
 Syracuse University

16 years work experience 
in Nutrition & Dietetics

Guest lecturer at 
Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics & Professor at New Mexico State University

Program Development Consultant

"Testimonial Focus"

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- Jon Doe

  Dad of 3 | Member since 2022

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You Got It!


We get it!

Just want to
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Raising Healthy Eaters is a place parents and caregivers come to get help with common challenges families face at mealtime. With access to multiple resources and an experienced Registered Dietitian, you’ll learn tricks to make meals enjoyable again!
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